Apostille Services

Apostille services are required at some point or other by people for specialized and individual reasons. India is a member of the Hague Convention, 1961, which abolishes the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents; you need to get the Apostille stamp by the concerned authorities on the papers for validation when they are required to be furnished in foreign countries.

Such services may be required for several reasons; the primary purpose of getting documents Apostilled is to get them authenticated by the concerned authorities which are verified by an Apostille stamp. For personal records, the designated body is the Home/ general administration department of the respective State Government or the Union territory. The validation indicates that the material is genuine and validated by the authorities in the country of origin. Professional and personal documents require Apostille authentication.  Birth certificates, marriage certificates etc., and educational certificates like degrees- post-graduation, graduation, Intermediate and secondary level certificates documents and non-educational documents such as Power of attorney, partnership Agreements, etc., when intended to use in a foreign country requires Apostille authentication.  Business documentation includes entering into partnerships in foreign countries, lease, sale and rent of property and for doing business. If you want to get commercial documents Apostilled, then the authentication is sought from the Chambers of the Commerce.  After the authentication, the Ministry of External Affairs provides authentication on the basis of the signatures of the concerned signing authorities of the Government or the concerned officials in the Union Territory.

It is noteworthy that documents Apostille in one country is acceptable in other member countries which are a part of the Hague Convention.  It is a great relief for people who don’t have to get their documents Apostille in every member country. Usual attestation is done for countries which are not a member of the Hague Convention and thus Apostille is not acceptable or required. Getting Apostille Services in Mumbai and Apostille Services in Delhi will be more comfortable as reputed attestation and Apostille services providers are located here

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